Fitness Made Fun

Getting Started: 

3 Simple Steps


1. Create an account.

Once you create an account you can do things like manage your membership and sign up for classes on our website or app using the same login credentials.


2. Sign up for an intro class.

This class is your introduction to The Placentia Hub. We'll give you a tour of the gym, explain a little bit about each of the classes we offer, learn about you, and answer all of your questions.

Water n Towel.png

3. Come prepared to your intro class.

• Comfortable clothes.

• Water bottle (optional).

• Sweat towel (optional).

We do offer FREE filtered water in our lobby at our water bottle filling station so bring a reusable water bottle. You can also buy a water bottle and/or sweat towel from our online store and pick them up in the lobby before your intro class (we have plenty in stock).