Fitness Made Fun

Our Philosophy


Fitness Made Fun

so what does it mean to make Fitness fun?

It's about what we do, and about what we don't do.

Our motto, Fitness Made Fun, sums up our goal of creating an experience people enjoy. We've thought long and hard about every aspect of the gym experience in order to create something truly unique. You'll 


Class-Based Workouts

With fitness classes you get the most efficient workout possible. No more time wasted researching and planning workouts. No more uncertainty about what exercises you should be doing, how long you should be doing it for, or how intense your efforts should be. 

Our professional instructors will train you in a carefully controlled environment as they observe and choreograph every aspect of your workout. They'll constantly vary your workout so that you never get stuck in the boring-exercise-rut.

All you have to do is show up, and we'll make sure you have fun getting the best workout possible.

People First

From the moment you show up and are greeted by name you'll notice we do things a little differently at The Placentia Hub. The very first gym rule posted on the wall is "If you see someone you don't know say 'hello' and introduce yourself."

We're a small community gym. Being a nameless face in the crowd simply isn't an option. We know all of our members. We'll get to know you and your goals and preferences. We pride ourselves on getting to know every single member so that we can serve you and your individual goals.

We consider it a serious failure if a single person ever comes to The Placentia Hub and doesn't feel welcomed and encouraged. 


One of the worst parts of the typical gym experience is dealing with membership. It can be maddening trying to figure out what a gym membership costs or (even worse) trying to cancel. Why are prices kept secret? Why do you have to haggle for a better deal? Why aren't the extra fees just included in the membership price? Why do you have to commit to a long-term membership? Why do you have to ask for permission to cancel?

So we've sought to make membership simple, transparent, and pain-free. We don't have a single sales person. Our service speaks for itself, and put all of our membership pricing right out in the open for everyone to see. All the power in your hands: sign-up or cancel your membership anytime right from our website or app. We even have instructional videos on how to do it all!