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Family Share

Families that live at the same address can share their Placentia Hub membership AT NO EXTRA CHARGE, with the exception of the Premium Unlimited Membership which is just a $5 add-on for each additional family member.

We want families to be active together so we've removed price as a barrier. What better way to instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime than for families to have fun exercising together. No screens, no distractions.


Using Our App

With our app you control you membership completely. You can see all of our classes. 

Your First Class

This introductory class will be the first class you take at The Placentia Hub. It's a free class that will let you try out our equipment, get a hands-on feel for some of the classes we offer, and answer all the questions you may have. Best part: it's FREE!

Pick a Membership

You can sign up for either a monthly membership or class pack right from the app. If you want to cancel your monthly membership you'll need to do it from our website. You can find a how-to video showing you how to cancel in less than 30 seconds here.

Sign up for Classes.

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